On the road to the future

Climate-friendly mobility

Conventional mobility is one of the major drivers of climate change: after all, vehicles emit enormous quantities of CO2. This is why GP JOULE focuses on alternative drive forms! We’re particularly concerned with e-mobility, hydrogen power and charging infrastructure.

GP JOULE advocates a strong linkage between the electricity and mobility sectors: be it through the successive expansion of e-mobility by the GP JOULE CONNECT business unit or through the development of a suitable infrastructure for hydrogen mobility supply, as demonstrated by the cooperative eFarm project.

We are a pioneer in this segment, too, having already switched our own vehicle fleet to climate-friendly fuels. In addition to around 60 electric vehicles, GP JOULE started using its first hydrogen-powered vehicles this year.

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Managing Directors of GP JOULE CONNECT

Manuel Reich
Managing Director
Phone: +49 4671 6074-615
Email: info.connect@gp-joule.de

Cecilienkoog 16
25821 Reußenköge

Phone: +49 4671 6074-0
Fax: +49 4671 6074-199
Email: info@gp-joule.de