Upgrading electricity

Green energy from wind power

MW-class wind farm projects are one of GP JOULE's specialities and produce highly profitable and efficient energy. Based on regional conditions, we develop profitable concepts and tailor-made solutions for our project partners – in Germany, Europe and overseas. We don't just build wind farms, however: we upgrade spaces and act as your reliable project partner from project planning through to construction and operation management.

In doing so, our extensive experience and ongoing development come into play. We started with the areas of project planning and EPC, later adding operational management, and now we implement complex sector cross-linkage projects as well. Based on individual project framework conditions, we always offer our customers optimum project implementation – both within EEG regulations and also based on alternative operating concepts.

Generating and upgrading electricity

Become a power upgrader with us and get yourself into shape for the energy turnaround! As a partner for your next wind project, we ensure maximum acceptance of wind power projects.

We achieve this by means of:

  • attractive citizen-oriented participation models
  • participation of local protagonists
  • close cooperation with operators, municipalities, citizens and other stakeholders.

We provide you with perfectly coordinated and therefore highly efficient commercial and technical management – all from a single source and with attractive cost benefits.

Continued post-EEG operation of wind turbines

We’re always the right partner – even beyond the EEG funding framework. This is because we are aware of the enormous value creation potential that your wind turbines will still have after 20 years. In addition to the options of repowering, selling and continued operation via direct marketing and power purchase agreements, we create added value from your electricity – the key concept in the heat and hydrogen market is sector cross-linkage.

Become the next post-EEG operator!

More about Power Purchase Agreements

An overview of our services

  • Securing sites
  • Project planning
  • Project development
  • EPC
  • Commercial management
  • Technical management
  • Business development
  • Repowering
  • Continued post-EEG operation

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