Taking renewable energy a step further

Cross-sector linkage with GP JOULE

The key to a successful energy turnaround is not just the regenerative production of energy but also its upgrading, conversion and usage. Instead of looking at the various areas in isolation, GP JOULE always considers all sectors in combination, consistently adopting a holistic and integrated approach. This often opens up completely new potential and increases the flexibility of a sector.

These advantages are valuable not only from the point of view of energy policy, but also when it comes to increasing public acceptance of such projects. Cross-sector linkage serves to further increase the efficiency of renewable generation plants, which makes it the key to successful, cost-efficient climate protection in all areas.

Power-to-gas: the cross-sector linkage technologies

Thanks to cross-sector linkage, decarbonisation can also be transferred to other segments – by means of power-to-mobility, for example. In this way, alternative propulsion systems based on electricity or hydrogen can be used to drive the traffic turnaround.

Our specialist when it comes to mobility concepts and charging infrastructure:


Electricity can also be used for conversion into heat (power-to-heat) or hydrogen (power-to-gas). The latter helps increase efficiency, especially in the volatile generation of energy from solar and wind power plants. Hydrogen can be used for industrial processes, too, or as an alternative way to power buses and cars.

20 years of experience in the production of stacks and electrolysers:


The waste heat generated during conversion into hydrogen is of course also used, for example for local heating networks in municipalities and communities.

An integrated approach for a successful energy turnaround

GP JOULE is actively involved in all areas of cross-sector linkage and has experience in both power upgrading and power conversion. This makes us your ideal partner and supplier for integrated system solutions. Throughout the entire history of our company we have continually expanded our portfolio along the entire value chain – from generation and distribution to consumption and utilisation.

GP JOULE is regarded throughout Germany as a pioneer in cross-sector linkage projects. At an early stage, we initiated and led conceptual innovations such as the power gap filler and the development of the hydrogen mobility concept eFarm.

One company – many areas of expertise

We are familiar with the needs of solar and wind plant operators and we are well acquainted with the user perspective on electricity, heat and mobility, too, through our THINK Heat and CONNECT business units.

Our expertise in project development and implementation work is enriched by that of our subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS with regard to the key technology power-to-gas. As such, GP JOULE combines valuable expertise and the relevant experience when it comes to successfully implementing cross-sector linkage projects.

What GP JOULE has to offer

  • Expertise and experience in the areas of generation, conversion and use of renewable energies
  • Expertise and experience in the cross-sector linkage technologies power-to-gas, power-to-heat and power-to-mobility
  • Experience of particularly complex and extensive energy projects involving institutional, political, commercial and private stakeholders
  • - Extensive network of stakeholders necessary for the successful implementation of cross-sector linkage concepts

This makes us one of the most experienced project developers for cross-sector linkage projects in Germany.

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Technical management
Smooth operations

GP JOULE has set up two modern control rooms to monitor solar, wind and biogas projects worldwide. Continuous staffing of these control rooms and live networking with webcams and the relevant performance data guarantee round-the-clock support for your plant.

Commercial management
Business know-how

GP JOULE's commercial management services include: future-oriented electricity trading, long-term corporate planning, implementation of financial and tax concepts, financing optimisation, detailed reporting and negotiations with contractual partners.

Long-term service

GP JOULE service teams inspect the equipment on a daily basis and, if necessary, carry out maintenance or repairs on site to ensure that the equipment is in perfect condition and operating properly. Repowering is also one of the services we offer.

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