Expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars

Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse

Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse is committed to expanding the electromobility charging infrastructure in northern Schleswig-Holstein. The pioneering sites are: Kropp, Satrup, Tarp and Tönning. Here Nospa customers have seven charging stations at their disposal provided by Alfen N.V. All charging points are supplied with electricity from renewable energies.

Customers are issued with a specially branded charging card in Nospa corporate design.

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“A progressive infrastructure is a crucial factor for an attractive living environment and a competitive business region. It’s now true to say that expansion of the e-mobility charging network has the same status as traffic route development and high-speed internet provision.”

Thomas Menke, CEO Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse

0 kW
at each charging point
charging points throughout Europe
charging points at Nospa branch sites