Expertise in renewable energies

Project development with GP JOULE

Project development is one of our core areas of expertise: after all, we have been actively involved in this segment ever since the company was founded. These long years of experience combined with our integrated approach makes us the ideal partner when it comes to realising complex energy and sector cross-linkage projects.

We support you throughout all project phases:

  • Choice of location
  • Design
  • Project planning
  • Financing
  • Assembly and grid connection
  • Technical and commercial operational management

Shaping the future for the long term

As project planners we don’t just look at a limited time horizon or a single concept however: we boost value. By extending the value chain of renewable energies, we ensure a sustainable energy supply. As such, our services form a comprehensive range that extends from project development through to the upgrading of electricity to produce hydrogen, heat or mobility. In this way, all processes from energy generation to consumption stay under one roof and can be coordinated economically, technologically and socially for optimum results – this is our aspiration!