The power gap filler

Storing renewable energies

The biggest challenge along the way to achieving a 100% renewable energy supply is that electric power generated from the wind and sun is not available at all times of the day and in all weather conditions. The solution in terms of enabling supply to meet demand lies in intelligent storage systems such as GP JOULE's “power gap filler”.

This is a decentralised combined power plant in the form of a biogas plant which is extended with the addition of an electrolysis unit. Thanks to this, power surplus from nearby solar and wind power is converted into hydrogen by means of electrolysis at an efficiency rate of 75%; this is stored in tanks, so it is available at all times. The remaining 25% of the waste heat is fed into the heating system of the biogas plant.

If power demand is high, the hydrogen can be burned in the CHP in addition to the biogas. Not only is biomass saved, combustion efficiency is also increased; above all, however, this provides flexibility in responding to fluctuations in demand. In this way, a biogas plant can function as a decentralised control power plant.

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