GP JOULE CONNECT completes a project which is unique Germany-wide: Inauguration of the e-vehicle fleet of the Pinneberg district administration

Reußenköge, 10 July 2020
Sustainable and economical: With the inauguration of the impressive e-vehicle fleet today, the district administration of Pinneberg and GP JOULE CONNECT are celebrating an unprecedented milestone in the energy and transport turnaround. District Administrator Oliver Stolz and Ove Petersen, founder and CEO of the GP JOULE Group, cut the ribbon at the Elmshorn site for the trend-setting pilot project together. From now on, 37 newly purchased electric cars will use the green electricity from a local PV system to provide CO2-free mobility for the district administration employees. “The overall solution with the central charging infrastructure, self-generated regenerative power and the innovative software for booking and managing the shared vehicles is perfect for us," says Oliver Stolz. "I hope that this concept, which is also economically attractive, will serve as an example for municipalities and companies throughout Germany." Sales manager Torben Jöns and project manager Hauke Carl from GP JOULE CONNECT, Reußenköge, which specialises in sustainable e-mobility, are delighted to hear this. "The Pinneberg district administration has taken on a pioneering role, entirely in the tradition of Schleswig-Holstein," says Ove Petersen. "Only three days ago, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer inaugurated the largest German hydrogen mobility project eFarm initiated by GP JOULE.”

360° - thinking about every aspect

In just one year, the e-mobility experts planned and implemented the ambitious project, which was not based on subsidies but on the desire of the district administration to drive forward the energy and transport turnaround. In addition to the electric fleet, the hardware comprises 36 charging points, one for each electric car, and a 64 kWp PV roof system with 50 kWh battery storage on the carports. Mobility guaranteed: In the event of a power failure, the integrated storage system supplies the charging infrastructure with climate-friendly electricity for up to two electric cars. GP JOULE CONNECT installed tailor-made software to operate the large e-vehicle fleet. The smart booking platform and the synchronized fleet management software is integrated into the existing systems and ensures perfectly organized e-driving. The e-vehicles have been converted for sharing and can be booked keylessly via card or app. Driving safety training for the employees and a training session round off the holistic concept. "We have also commissioned GP JOULE CONNECT to operate the e-vehicle fleet", explains Oliver Stolz, who had already spoken out in favour of an e-vehicle fleet in 2016. “This service will save us human resources."

Locally generated, regionally sustainable
The investment of a medium six-figure amount in the e-vehicle fleet is not only a sustainable measure for the region, it also offers the municipality economically advantageous synergies. The remaining self-generated solar energy is used in the building of the Pinneberg district administration. "We achieve optimum added value by carrying out comprehensive analyses in advance, e.g. Regarding current vehicle usage, future demand and the required charging infrastructure," explains Ove Petersen. A PV carport potential analysis as well as the system solution for operating the battery storage with emergency generator function will follow. GP JOULE CONNECT provided optimized recommendations for action, procures the hardware and installs the entire system, including underground engineering, electrics and software, right through to commissioning.  What an environmentally friendly e-vehicle fleet can look like can be admired as of today at Kurt-Wagener-Straße 11, Elmshorn. 

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Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for electricity, heat, hydrogen and electromobility. A pioneer in the area of sectoral cross-linkage, the medium-sized company group has a workforce of over 250 employees at sites in Germany, Europe and North America. GP JOULE holds the 2019 Schleswig-Holstein Business Environmental Award.

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