Electricity for a clean region.

With CONNECT the entire energy supply chain is connected in a closed cycle – from production to distribution to the consumer – in which there are only winners. CONNECT provides an energy system from which both the economy and the entire region benefit.

Industries, businesses and whole communities are now able to cover their energy needs with 100 % clean electricity from renewable sources. What’s more, CONNECT offers extensive infrastructure and services on unique terms in support of a pioneering trend towards industrial e-mobility.

Electricity pricing with no ifs or buts.

CONNECT supplies power producers with electricity for their own internal consumption from renewable sources. This provides a net benefit to trade and industry. CONNECT substantially reduces the ecological footprint across the entire energy supply chain. And communities served by CONNECT set a positive example as they point unequivocally the way towards a green and regionally sustained future. 

E-mobility from the region.

CONNECT is making a cutting-edge contribution towards emission-free mobility. It is now possible to operate an entire fleet of electric vehicles with power obtained from purely renewable resources. Not only is the effect of operating these vehicles CO2 neutral; because they run on fuel derived exclusively from regionally produced electricity, they leave a positive energy balance from which everyone benefits.

For e-vehicle fleets CONNECT offers what is required both in terms of electricity and infrastructure. And all from one source. Free-standing or wall-mounted charging stations provide a continuous supply of regionally produced power. Additional complementary services like a processing system for monitoring energy consumption complete the portfolio.

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