On track to sustainability.

GP JOULE's executive management team.

Ove Petersen and Heiner Gärtner always like to describe themselves as down-to–earth individuals: ‘Our roots are, and always will be, in farming’. Over the past ten years, the founders have crafted GP JOULE, in cooperation with their partner André Hirsch into an established medium-sized company and have their eyes set on new areas of business. In the United States and Canada, the management trio is supported by regional Managing Directors, who are responsible for expanding GP JOULE’s business in their respective markets while building trustful relationships.

The management team of GP JOULE: André Hirsch, Ove Petersen, Heinrich Gärtner.

Ove Petersen (CEO)

Born in 1974, Ove Petersen is originally from Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. He graduated as an agricultural engineer from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences in 2000. A father of three, he has been managing an agricultural business in Reußenköge since 2002. Within the senior management team, he bears bottom line responsibility for GP JOULE’s business activities in Europe and North America. He is also responsible for corporate marketing, sales and communication mandates.

Heinrich Gärtner (CTO)

Born in 1972, Heiner (Heinrich) Gärtner sits alongside the other two managing directors at the helm of GP JOULE. He has overall technical responsibility including all aspects of research and development. He still  runs a large agricultural business in the Bavarian community of Buttenwiesen, which he took over in 2002, after graduating from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences as an agricultural engineer. He has stayed true to his Bavarian roots, living in the area with his wife and four children.

André Hirsch (CFO)

Born in 1973, André Hirsch graduated with a degree in business administration in 2000. Since then, he has gained more than a decade of experience in the planning and management of megawatt-class wind energy assets. He bears overall financial responsibility and is therefore in charge of finance, controlling and accounting. He is focused on bringing unique and truly sustainable projects come to life – hoping to bring a better future for his two children.