The element of the future

Hydrogen for energy and mobility

GP JOULE is able to look back on a wealth of experience in the field of hydrogen – and this lays the foundations for future innovations. Hydrogen is a key element of our concepts and crucial to the energy turnaround in general.

In this way hydrogen can open up new sales markets for electricity from renewable sources – without renewable energy compensation. It also increases the efficiency of fluctuating generation plants such as wind farms or solar plants.

Hydrogen applications:

  • Natural gas network
  • Methanation
  • Mobility
  • Industry and material use
  • Research and development
  • Power generation

Our expertise: Hydrogen engineering

Hydrogen supports long-term decarbonisation not only in the energy segment but in the mobility industry, too. GP JOULE has been the driving force and cross-sector linkage expert in implementing the cooperative eFarm project: Germany’s biggest green hydrogen mobility project to date covers the production, transport, processing and marketing of hydrogen.

More about the eFarm project

An other example for hydrogen engineering is the concept developed by GP JOULE of the power gap filler – a model project for a combined power-to-gas-to-power plant. Here, electricity from renewable sources is converted into hydrogen using PEM electrolysis and temporarily stored. If required, the hydrogen is then converted back into electricity together with biogas from a biogas plant in a CHP plant and fed into the power grid. The overall efficiency rate in terms of power and heat utilisation is up to 95%.

More about the power gap filler

Hydrogen is now.

Our subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS has been developing and building stacks and electrolysers for more than 20 years. Its core business is focussed on the efficient conversion of electricity into hydrogen by means of PEM electrolysis. The product range of the Lübeck-based company includes the H-TEC Series-S stacks and Series-ME electrolysers.

More about H-TEC SYSTEMS

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