Heat for the future

Establish heating networks with GP JOULE THINK

Are you looking to become a heating provider yourself? GP JOULE can support you with your plans! Our experienced project developments bring heating providers and heating consumers together so as to realise future-oriented heating solutions. In addition to identifying heat potential, we particularly focus on the effective use of waste heat, for example in connection with industrial processes.

One of our special areas of expertise is heating networks. Together with municipalities we support the establishment of regenerative municipal utilities – an innovative scheme that generates regional added value.

Local heating solutions

  • Energy profiles and feasibility studies for heating networks, taking into account the existing energy resources and consumption levels
  • Commercial and technical planning of needs-based energy solutions
  • Project coordination and implementation
  • Partnership-based operation and implementation in the form of cooperative municipal utilities

Felix Schwahn
Head of Heat Unit
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Email: f.schwahn@gp-joule.de

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