Tailor-made future solutions for PV and wind projects


We’re more than just a project planner. The roots of our company lie in agriculture, so our actions are defined by regional solidarity and the conscientious use of resources and of the spaces that are entrusted to us. Our key aim is to generate added value – for our project partners and for the entire region.

Our customers include land owners – such as farmers and municipalities – who wish to upgrade their land in a sustainable and profitable manner. We are there to support you along the entire value chain – from land acquisition to project development and implementation. Our premise is always to maintain the balance between economic efficiency and sustainability.

Municipal energy turnaround: taking responsibility for your home

Regenerative energy projects enable you and your municipality to benefit across the board. You can promote climate protection, strengthen local value creation and position yourself as a future-oriented, innovative location. In this way, you can win over local residents as well as potential new residents, thereby increasing the likelihood of being able to attract new businesses.

Based on years of experience, we cover the entire process chain of your project.

  • Acquisition of potential sites
  • Facility development
  • Development of PV and wind projects
  • Verification and acquisition of project rights
  • Acceptance of services
  • Concept development for municipalities
  • Concept development for industry and commerce

Profitable and successful in the long term

We also offer various marketing solutions, such as EEG, PPA, hydrogen concepts and internal consumption. And we find the optimum solution for successful plant operation outside EEG conditions, too – such as repowering.

Become a post-EEG operator with us!

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Joschka Kleist
Team Leader Wind/PV
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Dominik Pfeifer
Projects Communications
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Maierhof 1
86647 Buttenwiesen

Maierhof 1
86647 Buttenwiesen

Phone: +49 8274 92 78-0
Fax: +49 8274 92 78-599
Email: info@gp-joule.de