With GP JOULE into a sustainable future

Green hydrogen for clean energy and mobility with GP JOULE THINK

GP JOULE has a wealth of experience in the production and use of green hydrogen. It is a central component of our schemes as it generates new sales markets for electricity from renewable sources. The colourless gas also increases the efficiency of fluctuating generation facilities such as wind farms and solar parks – as well as that of the network infrastructure involved. This wide field of application is reflected in our service portfolio.

We support you in all phases of the implementation of your hydrogen project:

  • in the planning of your hydrogen project,
  • during the implementation of plant construction as a general contractor under an EPC contract (Engineering – Procurement – Construction)
  • in the processing and sales of the hydrogen produced

Colourless all-rounder: the application areas of green hydrogen

Green hydrogen supports the long-term decarbonisation of our society in numerous applications since it can replace fossil fuels in many areas:

  • Mobility
  • Natural gas network
  • Methanation
  • Industry and material use
  • Research and development
  • Power generation

Think globally, act locally: on-site hydrogen project planning for effective climate protection

With its combined technical, economic and conceptual expertise, GP JOULE has realised the largest German hydrogen mobility project to date: eFarm in North Frisia, involving a total of 20 shareholders. In this way we are sending out an important signal to support the successful implementation of the energy turnaround. Hydrogen is the smart link between wind and solar power generation on the one hand and the mobility, heating and industrial sectors on the other.

Value creation in all sectors

eFarm combines all the GP JOULE Group services and solutions in a closed value chain: the generation of renewable energy in our solar and wind power plants, cross-sector linkage using the electric power to produce green hydrogen while feeding the waste heat generated into local heating networks, through to the distribution of the hydrogen at two filling stations in Husum and Niebüll as well as other mobility services. In this way, eFarm is a blueprint for GP JOULE’s future business.

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