In spite of the wealth of existing experience GP JOULE has, it ensures that it always remains up to date with technology and already has future innovations firmly in its sights even today. GP JOULE actively participates in research and development, especially where the storage of renewable energy and intelligent control of energy networks are concerned. In collaboration with the subsidiary company H-TEC SYSTEMS, its core research project is the further development of the PEM electrolysis stacks for hydrogen production. This lays the foundation stone for being able to store renewable energy in an affordable way.
GP JOULE has the aim of securing a future-oriented renewable energy supply and is convinced that hydrogen is the storage facility and fuel of the future.

The progress made in the field of renewable energy over the past few decades has shown how quickly visions can become reality, and this is why GP JOULE gives such visions a lot of space and researches constantly and proactively on energy concepts for the future. Together with a biogas plant, a 100% renewable-energy combination power plant is being constructed at the headquarters in Reußenköge – our ‘power gap filler’. 


GP JOULE supports private individuals and local authorities in the creation, realisation and further management of alternative energy projects.
GP JOULE develops individual and comprehensive strategies that meet requirements instead of offering ready-made standard solutions. This can be done because the complete know-how of GP JOULE experts is at your disposal in the company’s THINK division.
Whether a photovoltaic plant in the open countryside or a roof installation or wind power, biogas or district heating concepts – GP JOULE offers comprehensive advice.
Before your project is realised, GP JOULE carefully checks and consolidates the framework conditions and creates studies and reports on request – including for third-party projects or plants that are already in operation.

Are you interested in working with us? GP JOULE would love to hear from you!