Project Development & Planning.


Whether with a development partner or on its own, GP JOULE is constantly looking for opportunities to convert sites that are ideal for renewable energy production, considering location, quality, technical risks as well as local political and community conditions. The company’s infallible intuition for profit-making sites has no limits which allows them to not only be active in Europe, but also internationally, where suited. 

GP JOULE will only recommend investments in renewable assets, where detailed due diligence on soil and irradiation conditions, grid capacity and interconnection, etc. reveals a site with optimal potential,. All this technical development work is performed by a GP JOULE project development expert


GP JOULE experts in this group are just as pragmatic and precise as the renewable plants themselves would be from an engineering and construction standpoints. A promising project description is one thing. What really matters down the road is a reliable foundation: location analyses, profit reports, cost optimization, efficiency calculations, feasibility studies and comprehensive documentation of all projects deliverables, such as detailed scope of work, payment schedules or construction timelines. GP JOULE also takes into account the legal and local regulatory requirements, such as zoning, permitting, easements, etc. The next step for GP JOULE - before looking at plant optimal configuration -  is  to check interconnection options and secure the required service agreements, looking at the a contractual and technical framework with the local utility. ,. Many factors play a part in these decisions, but one thing does not: the OEM. GP JOULE takes a neutral stance and remain agnostic, staing focused on recommending the best technology for each project conditions.. When it comes to construction, GP JOULE leverage a strong network of local trades, audited and evaluated equally through a thorough tendering and sub-contracting process. Overall, such detailed planning not only provides a strong security towards the investment but it also sets an optimal basis for negotiating the project financing structure with investors and lenders . GP JOULE will set a suitable framework and negotiate with the banks, lawyers and experts involved, to reach an agreement that maximizes the project owner benefits.

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