100% Renewable

100% renewable.

The mission of GP JOULE is to secure the natural livelihoods of future generations by using climate-friendly 100% renewable energy.

Today, 100% of the total energy consumption worldwide can already be produced using renewable sources. The declared aim of GP JOULE is to implement this in the future.
GP JOULE has grasped the initiative to take on responsibility for preserving our earth as a habitat for us and the next generation as well as protection of the animal and plant world and the ecosystem.

In order to change the energy cycle in the long term, you need to understand what it used to be like, what it’s like now and what it should be like in the future.


Before the industrial revolution: little energy consumption, natural sources

The energy cycle is driven by the sun, which makes plants grow through the process of photosynthesis, which in turn humans and animals then use as food. The energy used from the wind, water and sun
is in principle unlimited. But only as much is produced as is necessary for life.

With the industrial revolution: High energy consumption, fossil fuels

Humanity discovers and mines oil, coal and gas resources. Quality of life increases, but
high energy consumption is an enormous burden on the planet. Later, nuclear energy is used,
and the big risks associated with this cause additional problems. In addition, all fossil and nuclear
energy sources are limited, as their stocks are limited and they endanger the climate and future generations.

From the start of the 21st century: high energy consumption, natural sources

GP JOULE expands the earlier energy cycle of photosynthesis and replaces fossil and
nuclear fuels with renewable energy solutions. Wind, sun and biomass cover
energy consumption needs in a climate-neutral manner using a natural cycle. The preservation of quality of life is secured in the long term and no longer linked to the overexploitation of the atmosphere and biosphere.